Thrifter scores big with cat painting worth thousands

A thrifter in the US has hit the jackpot after a $32 oil painting purchased in a Goodwill store turned out to be worth thousands of dollars.

The oil painting of a woman holding a black and white cat caught Phoenix interior designer Grace Carpenter’s eye because it looked like the cat she owned.

She posted a video of the painting on TikTok and it became viral, being watched 1.5 million times.

Ms Grace received a ticket to the TV program Antiques Roadshow with an appraiser telling her the signature on the painting was that of Charles Craig – an artist from the late 1800s known for oil paintings of the western lifestyle.

The art appraiser told her the painting is an original however the cat was added on later.

“It can’t be on the show because it’s not 100 per cent original but if it was in his gallery, he wouldn’t let it out the door for less than $2,000,” Ms Grace said in a follow-up TikTok video.

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