The Block 2022 Episode 22 recap: “Get f****d. He’s not buying our house’, Rachel explodes

There haven’t been too many cracks opening up between teams so far this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sweetness and light when they view each others’ rooms.

And this episode, most of the ire was reserved for Omar and Oz and Tom and Sarah-Jane.

Both teams won raves from the judges, and some perfect 10s, but the others are less than impressed.

Rachel and Ryan and Dylan and Jenny are particularly peeved, possibly because neither team has won a room so have serious budget deficits.

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“The judges definitely play favourites,” Jenny says, aghast at Tom and Sarah-Jane’s tartantastic winning room. “If this is a style the judges want to see there’s no way we’ll win a room because I’m not doing this.”

Rachel is unimpressed with Omar and Oz's guest bathroom. Picture: Claire Sutherland

Rachel is unimpressed with Omar and Oz’s guest bathroom.

Rachel is just as blunt.

“I hate that,” she says.

She’s equally unimpressed with Omar and Oz’s guest bathroom, featuring door hooks that hit the wall when the door opens.

Ryan is a worried man, after winning precisely zero rooms.

“It’s concerning. Everyone is starting landscaping and we’re still in the negative,” he says.

When Keith and Dan come over to offer the view that Ryan and Rachel’s room should have won she’s grateful but not mollified.

“We got eight and a half, like, one point off people that didn’t even finish? I’m actually furious. There are people who are getting money in the bank every single week and we’re busting our arses, and everybody is, but what we did in that bathroom is we took huge risks,” she says.

Rachel and Ryan tell producers they think the judging is rigged. Picture: Claire Sutherland

Rachel and Ryan tell producers they think the judging is rigged.

“I’m not changing because of Neale Whitaker, but everyone needs to stop asking us about our budget because there’s no money coming in for us.”

Neale Whitaker is far from Rachel’s favourite person this week. When the site barista asks if she’s going to change her style to please him she doesn’t mince words.

“No, get f****d. He’s not buying our house,” she says.

Neale Whitaker isn't buying Rachel's house, apparently. Picture: Claire Sutherland

Neale Whitaker — not buying Rachel’s house, apparently.

But it’s not just the losers who are bitter this week. Second place getters Omar and Oz are dirty they didn’t win not only the room, but also the silly topiary challenge from a few days earlier when they shaped a tree into a spiral, but watched Tom and Sarah-Jane win with a seemingly much easier teardrop shape.

“Omar’s still upset,” Oz admits.

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Not too upset to get into some sneaky business though. He and Oz get the OK from Scott Cam to have screed laid in the other two rooms of their extension. Earlier in the season they got agreement from the other contestants that they could work ahead by laying concrete for the polished cement floor in their kitchen and living area. Now they’re extending it to a mud room and bedroom.

Omar and Oz's bathroom didn't impress the other contestants. Picture: Claire Sutherland

Omar and Oz’s bathroom didn’t impress the other contestants.

“It feels like working ahead but as Scotty said, they had a body corporate about this issue and everyone agreed for them to pour their concrete, but they never said how much or where,” Dan says. “The boys are playing a very smart game.”

Sharon and Ankur appear to have started the week with a fresh attitude, after nearly storming off the show last week.

Keith and Dan are doing their bit to help, turning up with a skip to help them clean up their site.

Even the show’s producers and crew get in on the act, suggesting that a second Block 2022 walk-off had actually been pretty close to happening.

Sarah-Jane is on a hilarious high, summoning a hairdresser to site to fix her sagging hair extensions while holding an outdoor consultation with a blinds expert and proclaiming herself the “Rain Man of styling” as she recounts the judge’s ecstatic feedback for her guest bedroom and bathroom.

Rachel and Jenny bond over their mutual loathing of Sarah-Jane and Tom's guest bedroom and their love of shopping. Picture: Claire Sutherland

Rachel and Jenny bond over their mutual loathing of Sarah-Picture: Claire Sutherland

Then the contestants are summoned for a challenge, and this time it’s a worthy one that nobody complains about. Their near neighbours are a pair of disabled young men called Tim and Tyler whose house is in desperate need of repair and makeover.

The contestants are divided into two teams and have nine days to do the job.

“It’s not a challenge at all for us. It’s just something we should all be doing in our day to day lives,” Omar says.


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