Richmond Tigers v Sydney Swans scores, fixtures, teams, ladder, odds, tickets, players; Sir Doug Nicholls Round

Tigers coach Damien Hardwick says first-year defender Josh Gibcus will spent much of the night on 1000-goal superstar Lance “Buddy” Franklin tonight.

While Hardwick admitted the match-up may change at times, he said Gibcus would match-up with Franklin to allow Dylan Grimes to play on more nimble opponents.

Joshua Gibcus attempts a mark.

Joshua Gibcus attempts a mark.Credit:Getty Images

“Probably Gibcus will play on Franklin for the vast majority,” Hardwick told Fox Footy.

“Gibcus has good closing speed and Buddy is an outstanding one-on-one player who is very good on the lead.

“Plus we want Dyl to play on that smaller type like Isaac Heeney or Tom Papley. Our back three will be there and, in theory, it will be Gibcus on Buddy but it will depend where he is and where the other forwards are.”

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