Perth OnlyFans star Jem Wolfie slams Mark McGowan over Perth Cup ruling

Perth OnlyFans millionaire Jem Wolfie has slammed Mark McGowan over his decision to keep the Perth Cup but ditch other New Year’s events, claiming the Premier had chosen “greed and money”.

Wolfie, who has made a fortune selling raunchy content on the x-rated site, took to Instagram on Wednesday to join the online pile-on criticising Mr McGowan’s decision to allow the horse racing event to go ahead.

“What a joke, say nup to the cup, “ she wrote with an article about the COVID restrictions.

“This is all because of greed and money.”

Jem Wolfie posts about the Perth Cup.
Camera IconJem Wolfie posts about the Perth Cup. Credit: Instagram

It’s not the first time the 30-year-old has slammed the government’s decisions in relation to big events.

In September, Wolfie was left less than impressed that the AFL Grand Final was coming to WA and went on an Instagram rant about the decision to bring it to Perth.

“So family members can’t see sick loved ones BUT football is a priority??? What a joke,” she wrote to her 138,000 fans.

Wolfie fumed at Mr McGowan, insisting we “don’t want” the grand final in WA.

Jem Wolfie took to Instagram to rant about the Grand Final in WA.
Camera IconJem Wolfie took to Instagram to rant about the Grand Final in WA. Credit: Natalie Richards

“(Mark McGowan) you fought so hard to keep people out of WA including those wanting to attend funerals,” she said.

“We don’t want the GF here.”

Wolfie’s risque clips on OnlyFans, which is dubbed the “paywall of porn”, has afforded her a life of luxury, including flashy hotel stays, a house and even a Porsche.

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