Flash teases Aussies’ poor political knowledge in OOH campaign

Foxtel Group’s news streaming service, Flash has gone to market with a PR and out-of-home campaign, poking fun at Australians’ political knowledge, a week out from the federal election.

Developed by Herd MSL and Mindshare, the campaign leans on a consumer research report, ‘The Flash Report’, incorporating research via YouGov, which found that Australians have a “large gap in political knowledge and recall”.

Flash billboard in Sydney

Several vans drove around popular Sydney landmarks with different billboards contesting pop-culture knowledge against political knowledge, based on the YouGov findings.


Executive director of Flash. Kate de Brito said: “New to the Australian market, Flash is a first of its kind dedicated news streaming service, enabling consumers to get all their news in one place. As a product targeting news lovers who thrive on staying informed, the upcoming Federal election provided the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the platform’s unique offering and drive urgency to subscribe”

“We conducted research to explore how clued up Australians are when it comes to politics and how this measures up to their knowledge of pop culture. The findings delivered some fantastic insights which provided the perfect opportunity for us to create a cheeky out-of-home campaign which captures the attention of Aussies and highlights that there’s never been more reason to stay informed.”

Flash launched into the Australian market in Q4 2021, as Foxtel’s third streaming service, joining Binge and Kayo. Analysis of Foxtel’s Q1 update suggests since its launch, the platform has only managed to pick up 7,000 paying subscribers, at its $8 per month price point.

‘The Flash Report’ found “political stories are playing second fiddle to pop culture when it comes to what’s resonating with the nation”, with Australians being more likely to “recall news about Djokovic’s deportation (52%), Ash Barty retiring from tennis (47%) and Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars (46%), than the government’s response to floods (38%) and latest vaccine rollout (20%)”.

It also found just “11% of Aussies say they are confident they understand the policies of the main Australian political parties, with the equivalent of 2.3 million saying they have “no clue” when it comes to knowledge on the main Australian political party’s policies”.

Client: Flash
PR Agency: Herd MSL
Habitat Media
Media Agency: Mindshare

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