Federal ICAC will not go ahead this week as parliament suspended: Clennell

The government’s promise to introduce a federal ICAC in parliament this week will not go ahead, according to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

It follows the suspension of parliament this week due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr Clennell said it “wasn’t ideal timing” for the introduction of the ICAC, due to the stream of “revelations of potential breaches of the ministerial code of conduct by ministers in owning shares”, with three divesting themselves of their interests.

“The PM said today that the commitment was to introduce the ICAC legislation by the end of the year, not to set the body up in that time,” Mr Clennell said.

“But on April 16, in the midst of the election campaign Mr Albanese said the ICAC would be legislated by the end of the year.

“So the PM has put off this week’s sitting week until when he is out of the country – from September 26 to 28, when he is at the funeral of Shinzo Abe in Japan.”

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