Duke’s Mayo Bowl: ESPN commentator’s disgusting act with Oreos, mayonnaise

After what happened on national TV today, one thing became abundantly clear — sorry America, but you’re beyond saving.

Move over Chicken Dipper, we’ve got a new contender for most heinous food crime ever committed.

After Alexa Greenfield shocked MasterChef lovers around the world by dipping chicken fingers into a cup of soft drink at the 2018 US Open, we now present something even more disturbing.

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Oreos and milk are a time-honoured combination but Oreos and mayonnaise? No thanks.

But ESPN commentators Mike Golic Jr and Anish Shroff dared go where Gordon Ramsay would never let you by tucking into the — let’s call it “creative” — snack choice live on air during a broadcast of a college football game.

“Mike, you came up with ideas — unconventional foods that work with mayonnaise. We’re starting with what?” Shroff said.

Golic Jr replied with “cream-filled cookies here” and proceeded to tuck in.

“Let’s take a dip,” he said, nodding his head in approval as he chewed. “It’s a really interesting blend of flavours! Thumbs up from me!”

But Shroff wasn’t experiencing the same level of culinary delight.

“Oh Anish. We’re going to need someone up here to call this next drive. He’s not doing well. I’ve seen that face before,” Golic Jr added.

Unsurprisingly, the internet had some thoughts as a clip of the incident, which went viral in the US. Journalist Tyler Englander tweeted: “Oreos and mayo sounds … absolutely disgusting.”

Matt James of The Ringer wrote: “There are multiple kinds of bugs that I would sooner eat than an Oreo dipped in mayo.”

Reporter Korie Dean added: “The broadcasters just dipped Oreos in mayo and I threw up in my mouth. This is going too far.”

As gross as Oreos dipped in mayonnaise sound to the average punter, it’s important to note the context behind the on-air stunt. It came during an annual college football game that’s been played in North Carolina for nearly 20 years — which is now called the Duke’s Mayo Bowl because it’s sponsored by the American mayonnaise brand Duke’s.

And the creamy concoction had a bigger role to play than just in the broadcast booth. After South Carolina beat North Carolina 38-21 in this year’s fixture, winning coach Shane Beamer was forced to take a mayonnaise shower — dumped with approximately 17 litres of the stuff to celebrate his side’s victory.

Because Beamer was so kind as to be made into a human sandwich, Duke’s Mayo Bowl will donate $AUD14,000 to a charity of his choice.

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