Cops on top! RBT wins entertainment; Seven takes Thursday

Nine’s RBT topped entertainment Thursday night, however, it was Seven that celebrated an overall network share win.

The episode aired to a metro audience of 455,000, followed by an episode of The Chase Australia which had 446,000 metro viewers tune in. Gogglebox was next which brought in 410,000 metro viewers, also winning key advertising demos, 16-39s, and 18-49s.

In the latest Daily Consolidated Total TV Report for 1 September, Thursday’s episode of Seven News was the #1 program nationally across linear, with 1.343 million viewers, including 33,000 on BVOD and an uplift of 3%. Gogglebox on Ten had the biggest uplift of 44% and was viewed by a total audience of 741,000.

Looking back at Thursday’s ratings, A late episode on Home and Away was next in entertainment with a metro audience of 384,000, followed by Seven’s The Front Bar which brought in 351,000 metro viewers.


Seven News was the #1 metro program on Thursday, airing to 839,000 metro viewers, followed by Seven News at 6:30 with 837,000 metro viewers, while Nine News had 742,000 metro viewers, and Nine News at 6:30 had 736,000.

As mentioned, Seven won the night, taking an overall network share of 28.9% over Nine’s 27.2%, while Ten took an 18.4% share and the ABC had 16.8%.

Seven also won the primary channel share, and the top-rating multi-channel on Thursday was 7TWO 3.9%.

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