Anubhav and Gungun to go for a ROMANTIC CANDLE LIGHT dinner post RELOCATING to Mumbai in Star Plus’ Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se!

MUMBAI: TellyChakkar is back with yet another update from the telly-world. Star Plus’ popular show Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey is loved immensely by the masses. The storyline brings back memories of the ’90s. The family is fun-loving and likes music and cricket. The show is a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali show, ‘Khorkuto’.

The Star Plus show will showcase interesting twists and turns.

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It was earlier seen that Gungun and Anubhav clear out their misunderstanding and get intimate in love as they are married.

Anubhav and Gungun hug each other passionately where Anubhav kisses her on her forehead cheeks and finally consummate their marriage. He promises to never leave Gungun in difficult times as he loves her and is ready to take Gungun to Mumbai and live with her when Gungun says Akriti is his wife.

He thus justifies that Akriti is his wife just for namesake but his love wife is only Gungun.

Well, we already reported that Gungun and Anubhav plan to go to Mumbai, Akriti comes searching for Anubhav at Gungun’s house. She will engage into a bitter war of words with Gungun where the latter will tell her that she should not be scared as if they love each other no power in the entire world can break them apart and if their love is weak, no power can stop them from breaking up. Akriti will end up finding Anubhav’s handkerchief and will have a strong doubt about him being there.

Soon, there will be another romantic moment between Anubhav and Gungun wherein the duo will finally reach Mumbai and will plan to settle down there. Not only that, there will also be a romantic moment between the two where they will go for a romantic candle light dinner.

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Now isn’t that sweet?

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